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As a leading provider of cosmetic dentistry treatment, JD Dental Care can offer patients many options designed to brighten and whiten teeth, improving the look of smiles. Those in and around the Lower Pacific Heights area in San Francisco can undergo teeth whitening services which employ only the most effective, safest techniques.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why Do Teeth Yellow?

Commonly, eating and drinking tea, coffee, berries, and other similar items stains teeth. However, several factors can cause teeth to become discolored or yellowed. Tobacco use and smoking can cause extreme yellowing. Certified treatments used by our dentists to whiten teeth can rid a person of this discoloration. In some situations, the staining is on the inside of the tooth. This can be caused by an impact to the tooth, using specific medicines for an extended time, and undergoing many dental procedures on the same tooth. In these instances, internal bleaching treatments or a crown or veneer will be needed to address the discoloration.

How is Zoom Whitening Performed?

Before the whitening can take place, the dentist needs to check the teeth for any damage or decay. If any concerns are found, they will need to be treated and cleaned prior to the bleaching process. Whitening uses a high-tech, light activated gel containing hydrogen peroxide to treat teeth. This gel works with a unique light to create the whitening effects. The patient’s lips be will held back with a retaining device to guarantee that each tooth is whitened evenly and no one is brighter than another. The light is directed on the teeth for 15 minutes, give or take. Once finished, the gel is wiped away and the lip retainer is removed. Patients should see results immediately.

Is it Safe?

The methods and tools used at the dentist’s office are intended to be efficient without hurting the person’s teeth, making them extremely safe. The dentist will solely employ established, innovative teeth whitening treatments to confirm that people will receive the best possible whitening effects without any unfavorable effects. A normal side effect of whitening is tooth sensitivity after the procedure.  However, this will be fixed quickly and any sensitivity felt will be trivial.


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