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For patients throughout San Francisco, and the surrounding areas of Lower Pacific Heights, JD Dental Care offers orthodontic consultations and services to assist with correcting alignment and overcrowding concerns. Here, our doctors are leading providers of dental services including traditional braces, Invisalign®, and more.

Orthodontics Q & A

What is Orthodontic Medicine?

When a dentist needs to correct issues of alignment, overcrowding, spaces between teeth, and crooked teeth orthodontics will be employed. These procedures include treatments such as the installation of conventional braces, use of Invisalign® aligners, and alignment maintenance with the help of a retainer.

What Happens During an Orthodontic Consultation?

When one of the above issues are present, the dentist will use an orthodontic consultation to determine what course of action will be employed to address the concerns. Usually, x-rays are obtained and occasionally digital photos and 3D mapping will be required. These imaging techniques allow the doctor to view exactly what is going on inside the patient’s mouth and jawbone in order to determine which type of treatment will work the best. Generally, the digital x-ray will require only a few minutes. To get a clear image, a soft plastic cheek retractor will be placed in the patient’s mouth. The placement of the teeth will be easier to see using this method. It is recommended by orthodontists that children undergo a consultation once they turn seven although they may not require treatment right away or at all.

When Will My Treatment Start?

If treatment is required and the orthodontist and patient have chosen a treatment program, it can start once diagnostic work is achieved. Throughout this stage of care, impressions of the patient’s teeth are obtained and any paperwork is filled out. A fee is typically required for most diagnostic work so patients are allowed to schedule visits and the diagnostic tests when the they are ready to move forward.

When Will My Braces Be Applied or My Aligners Provided?

Once the diagnostics are finished, an appointment will be set up where your braces will be applied to your teeth. Occasionally, braces can be put on the teeth in the same visit as the diagnostic steps. If aligners are chosen, it can take roughly 4 weeks for them to arrive from the dental lab.


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