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For patients in San Francisco, and the surrounding Lower Pacific Heights areas, JD Dental Care offers expert implant placement and restoration services for all patients. Here, our doctors can help patients with restoring lost teeth by employing comfortable, attractive dental implants.

Implants Q & A

What are Dental Implants?

When a tooth has become damaged by decay or trauma and has to be extracted, dental implants are used to replace the missing tooth. What sets these replacements apart from others is their unique placement and function. Dental implants are installed into the jawbone and are secured with a special post made from titanium or occasionally a titanium alloy. The dental implants are designed to look and feel just like a normal tooth including withstanding the pressures a tooth typically experiences. Since the implant post is fused to the jawbone, it not only helps to replace a missing tooth but also stabilizes the jaw and helps it, and the soft tissues of the face, to remain intake and healthy.

How are Implants Installed?

Three visits to the dentist’s office will usually be required for dental implants. The first step is to prepare the jaw for the implant and then install the titanium post where the prosthetic tooth will be placed. For a few weeks the titanium will be left to fuse with the bone. When the patient comes back in they will meet with the dentist to have an impression of the gap and neighboring teeth created. This is done to craft the crown or porcelain head of the dental implant. This will ensure that the tooth fits perfectly for that person. The impression is then sent off to a lab. When the crown or replacement head is ready the patient will come back into have it installed. The artificial tooth is connected to the dental post with an abutment and smoothed lie evenly with the surrounding teeth.

Will These Dental Implants Be Safe?

Implants have been employed by dental and oral health professionals for replacing a missing tooth for longer than 30 years. While other replacement has some risk of becoming loose or even falling out, the fusing of the titanium post makes dental implants incredibly stable. Titanium is distinguished as an extraordinarily biocompatible metal. This means that it strongly bonds with the bone in a process known as Osseo integration and is totally tolerated by the body. By creating this durable foundation, dental implants are the most reliable replacement for extracted or missing teeth.


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